About Me

I know what it is like to live two different lives.

Several years ago, I was a chief psychologist for the New York State Office of Mental Health.  My role was to oversee the psychological services throughout the state prison system.  While my role was to oversee the staff, I interacted regularly with the inmates.  Little did I know at that time that I would one day walk in their shoes.

I have a Psy.D. in clinical psychology, a wonderful wife of 20 years, and three beautiful children. I was raised in a Christian household, was baptized at 14 years old, and taught Sunday school for most of my adult life.  Beginning in 2005, I discovered that an education and knowing about God do not guarantee good choices and a trouble-free life.  That year, my life took a dramatic turn which resulted in a re-evaluation of everything I thought I believed. I spent the next five years living completely for myself, making money my priority, and eventually pleading guilty to fraud for which I served 40 days.

As I have reflected on my past stumbling blocks, I know that others are also attempting to navigate these same obstacles.  I have told many people that if I keep the lessons I have learned through this process to myself, it will have been a waste.

I have been a counselor for 20 years.  My experience has shown me that we all have difficulty with life and are trying to find our way. I have seen many different ways that people attempt to discover meaning and purpose.  It has become apparent that there is a stark contrast to following the world and following the Lord.  I have followed each path in my life, and both paths have had dramatic results. I know it can be difficult to not only stay on the path, but to know which one you're walking.

Looking back, I had been worn down by chasing a certain kind of life and have seen others follow their own chase to a dead end.  I feel a strong desire to conduct an "intervention" for the world when thinking of how we engage in that chase.  I have dedicated my life to spreading awareness of the chase and casting light on where it ends up.  I also want to share what I know to be worth chasing. 

I now work with individuals and couples in helping them discover the life the Lord has designed for them, overcome the fear in pursuing that life, and experience the joy that comes from fulfilling His plan for them.  I do this through my work as a counselor, coach, author and speaker.  I also serve as Counseling Director for one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America.

I want to help you the same way I have helped many others.  You can utilize my devotionals, read through my blog posts, or invite me to work with you personally, Helping you identify and meet your goals while growing your faith is my priority. 

Actually, helping you is more than my priority.

This is my calling.


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