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I have been offering counseling and coaching services for 20 years.  My approach in counseling and coaching has become exclusively Christian-based for the past five years.  This occurred due to both my own life experiences as well as the growth of my faith.  I have discovered that when I have made God the foundation of my work with others, the change and growth they experience is more lasting and complete.  

Everyone I work with has a different combination of goals.  Whether I am working with an individual or a couple, I strive to help my clients not only achieve their goals but to live a more fulfilling life.  Although I personalize my program to meet the needs of each client, my goal for each person I work with is to help explore their purpose, grow their faith, and learn to thrive.

I have helped hundreds reach a better place their relationships, business, and personal life.  If you would like to find that place for yourself, contact me.  Together, we will assess your situation, see how I can help, and begin establishing goals.

I look forward to working with you!   



Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology- Florida Tech (APA-approved)

Master of Psychology in Clinical Psychology- Florida Tech (APA-approved)

Bachelor of Science- Lipscomb University


Who I Work With:

My passion is working with individuals and couples who are feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of life.  My services center on the following areas:

  • Overcoming past personal struggles, experiencing healing, and achieving a new level of personal growth.

  • Helping couples identify consistent problem areas, and supply the tools necessary to grow the relationship.

  • Career coaching to help individuals develop a vision, attain professional goals, and grow their career.

  • Facilitating spiritual growth for individuals and couples.


How I Can Work With You:

If you are in central Florida, we can meet in person in my Orlando-area office.

If you live outside of this area, I can conduct meetings through online video conferencing (eg: Skype).  

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