Summary of Living Larger:

We are all subjected to lies about what is important in life while continuing to search for truth and meaning.  Written from a Christian perspective, Living Larger exposes the four primary lies and describes one man’s dramatic journey in pursuing those lies.  Through his own story of redemption and through the healing experiences of his clients, Dr. Caldwell also reveals the four essentials to experiencing life’s greatest offerings.

What They're Saying About Living Larger:

“This is a book I recommend to all who want to take their faith to a whole different level and really bring the Lord into their life on a day-to-day basis. It has already made a difference in my life, and I’m sure it will do the same for everyone who reads it.”

Ken Blanchard, Best-selling author of “The One Minute Manager” and “Lead Like Jesus”


“ In Living Larger Joel Caldwell provides an introspective journey and brave testimony into his life experiences that ultimately taught him to challenge the status-quo, redefine his values, and focus his entire spirit, time, and energy on what really matters most, living large through a self-defined and purpose-driven life."

 Mark Coleman, author of “Time to Trust: Mobilizing Humanity for a Sustainable Future” and “The Sustainability Generation: The Politics of Change and Why Personal Accountability is Essential NOW!”


"This tells the author's story of how he lost his values in doing business and paid the price. He now looks back with objectivity on the mistakes so many make in aiming for worldly success, informed by his re-connection to a Christian path, sharing lessons on how to lead a well-rounded and fulfilling life that can also be financially healthy. Regardless of one's views on religion, this is a book anyone can benefit from who is an entrepreneur or executive who wants to be successful without sacrificing his or her soul."

Scott S. Smith, author of "Pushing Your Limits"


"I found this book to be a rewarding read. It singles out the four lies in our lives that can lead to destruction and self pain. Written from a Christian perspective, this book reveals the four pathways to spiritual meaning and a more satisfying form of personal success. Thanks for your vulnerability and wisdom Joel in writing this book. In the end you help us to realize that all valuable riches are connected with our relationships and living for the Lord."

Sharron Magyar, author of "Soul Wounds" and "My Golden Heart:  Putting the Pieces Back Together Again"


"How many of us were - or ARE - caught in this trap of thinking life is all about material possessions, toys, prestige, and fame? We let our egos dictate what we should do to achieve success and happiness, but it is actually taking us in the opposite direction. Through "Living Larger" Caldwell shines the light on his very personal story of transformation and gives us insight on top of insight on what life's true riches really are. Excellent book!"

Jim Morack, author of "It's Time to Let Go So You Can Move On"


"How easy is it to get caught up in the pursuit of the monetary rewards of life, often forgetting what is most important? In Living Larger, Dr. Joel Caldwell knows this story all too well. Yet it is out of his personal experience, out of his dark night of the soul came a recognition and rebirth that allowed for the deeper meaning of life to show itself. I for one and grateful for Caldwell's willingness to share his story."

Amy White, author of "Closer to Paradise:  A Mother's Journey Through Crisis and Healing"


"This book is a MUST read who thinks that monetary riches is what life is all about. As the author shares with you his journey from rags to riches - he finds the true meaning for life is found within his spirituality! In a world filled with materialism and "stuff" this book is a breathe of fresh of air"

M. Tublin


"I LOVED this book. It is written with a flow that makes it hard to put the book down. It is filled with beliefs that coincide with mine about what is really important in life. Thank you Dr. Caldwell for sharing your story and what follows."

Joan S. Peck, author of "Transitioning Your Life To a Life of Grace" and "Prime Threat: Shattering the Power of Addiction"

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