What They're saying about Joel


"I highly recommend Dr. Joel Caldwell to congregants of North Syracuse Baptist Church.  He is the first person that I make referrals to for individual and marriage counseling.  He is very knowledgeable, personal, and compassionate.   Dr. Caldwell has gone way beyond the 'call of duty' with clients that I have referred to him.  I have often had people tell me how much they are being helped by him." 

Dr. George D. Miller III, Senior Pastor, North Syracuse Baptist Church

"Joel is highly educated and has a real gift in working with people.  He has provided help and hope to many.  I can personally attest to the positive impact I have seen Joel bring to many individuals, couples, and families.  Joel is a man of character and has a gentle spirit.  I would highly recommend Joel to anyone.  He will provide help and stability for the road ahead."

Barry Sisson, Lead Pastor, Grace Chapel

"Joel is kind and capable.  His training and life experiences give him a unique ability to help people in various situations in life. Joel's compassion and his professionalism mix incredibly well in the making of an outward focused man.  With Joel, investing in people has become more of a lifestyle that it is a career.  He is driven to keep growing personally and professionally.  Additionally, Joel understands authority and team play, making him a pleasure to work with.  I need a guy like Joel to help me carry the ball at times.  I refer people to him regularly and with complete confidence."

Chuck Klinger, Family Pastor, Grace Chapel

What clients have had to say

(Names omitted for privacy)


"Joel's knowledge base has always been appropriately accurate for any aspect of help that I have needed.  Joel has always been able to answer my questions.  He has gone out of his way to speak in a language that I can understand, even if it means taking the extra time to do so.  I am extremely pleased with Joel's efforts on my behalf.  I would absolutely refer family and friends to Joel."

"Joel is extremely professional and helpful.  I have been to many coaches in the past and never felt more comfortable confiding in someone.  He has done wonders for me in my life and I will continue to use him in the future."

"I have been using Joel's services on a regular basis.  I've never had a long-term experience discussing aspects of my life with anyone outside of family and friends prior to Joel.  He is approachable and it is easy for me to converse with him.  He is non-judgmental and listens to all I share with him, and he offers me invaluable advice and perspective.

"I felt Joel is genuine and truly cares about my experiences.  I appreciate that he remembers our discussions and that he brings things up from past meetings.  I also like that I can talk to him about my faith.  My faith is very important and I know it is to Joel too.  It gives me great satisfaction to be able to talk with him openly about the Lord.  I can truly say I feel a lot more at peace since meeting with Joel."

"I have been using Joel's services for about a year.  I have sought help from others in the past, but Joel has helped me with finding the true cause of the long-standing issues that were disrupting my life  He has guided me as I have become aware of my actions and positive ways to overcome my self-inflicting behaviors and thoughts.  I would recommend Joel to others in a heartbeat.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be able to work with him."

"Right from the start, I felt very comfortable with Joel and the way he presented himself and conducted his business.  He is great at his profession, always answers all of my questions clearly to where I understood and he listens to me to where I always feel heard, respected, and understood."

"Joel was instrumental in restoring my marriage and made me feel like I mattered.  He addressed any and all concerns I had without feeling rushed.  His mannerisms allowed me to open up more to him knowing that he had my best interests at heart and that he is genuinely there to help me.  I definitely would refer any and all family or friends to Joel because he is well equipped to help in any of life's challenges and problems."

"Joel has a calming effect on people where you want to open up and the trust was built right from the start.  I would not hesitate to contact Joel again down the road if I felt I needed his guidance again.  Joel is a great man and an asset to his profession. I have sought help from other coaches and counselors before, but none have come close to Joel's help and how he has actually made a difference and a real impact on my life!"

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