1 Timothy2:8- Therefore, I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

I woke up today to the sight of people attacking each other in Charlottesville, Virginia. There was rioting, blood, and non-stop violence. The thing that came through most to me was the anger of all involved.

This entry could easily get into issues of politics and race, but this is about something greater. This is about anger.

There seems to be increasing amounts of anger in the world. There are multiple groups who feel their voices are not being heard, groups who are looking to advance their world view, groups who are looking to gain power, and groups who are afraid they are losing that power. And they all seem to have a lot of anger.

God knows we get angry. He instilled that emotion in us. The Bible tells us that Jesus himself got angry on several occasions. If we handle our anger well, it can lead to a beneficial outcome. But when anger goes unchecked, it can become destructive.

As I watched things unfold in Charlottesville, I thought about how deeply some people hold their views, how complicated the issues are, and what it would take for any of those issues to be resolved.

I tell many of my clients that when things feel bigger than you, give it to God. I believe that we are called to treat each other with love and respect (even our enemies) and allow God to do His work. That is what 1 Timothy 2:8 is all about. Instead of lifting our hands against each other, we need to lift them toward God in prayer and allow Him to intervene.

I don't know who among those in Charlottesville consider themselves a follower of Christ. Those engaged in violence certainly weren't looking toward Him to bring clarity and peace. They were trying to solve issues way bigger than them and ones that will see no resolution without a committed focus on God's intervention.

He provides justice to those who are oppressed, mercy to those who are suffering, and love to those who are targets of hate. He is the great overcomer, and we need Him now as much as ever.