You Are Gifted

Romans 12:6- We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

Do you ever have those days when it feels like everything you try falls short?   When it's easy to lose sight of those things you're good at?

Each of us are good at different things and it is important to recognize those gifts.  For example, I have always been skilled at developing ideas and creating new ventures.  Several years ago, I started my own consulting company which served medical facilities.  That company began with three contracts and within two years grew to 20 contracts.  It became one of the busiest companies of it's kind in that region.  Within six years, the market had shifted and the company was disbanded.  A few years later, I started a company of a different kind which grew but never reached the vision I had for it.  Although there were great highs in watching those companies grow, the ways those endeavors ended had an effect on me.  Those experiences hurt my self-confidence and caused me to question my own abilities.  More than anything, I had lost sight of God's gifts in my life.

Romans 12:6 tells us that God has given us different gifts through His grace.

Those gifts represent the tools necessary for each of us to fulfill our unique purpose.  You always have the gifts you need to live out God's plan for you.  There are times when life pushes you around and your gifts become less obvious.  That was the case for me when those companies folded.   Losing sight of God's gifts can happen to anyone.  This is particularly true in times of transition and endings, such as divorce, health scares, parenting difficulties, relocation, and job change.  It is during events like these that you are most vulnerable to feeling that you have lost your gifts or questioning if you really had them in the first place.  Thankfully, your gifts never wane, just your ability to see them.


1. What are your gifts?  How do you know these are your gifts?  What is the impact of your gifts on others?  What might be God's purpose in supplying you with those gifts?

2. Think of a time when you questioned your gifts. What was the cause of that questioning? What did you learn about your gifts during that time?